Frequently Asked Questions

No, INCA is not open source. The INCA philosophy is to document all the equations in the model description papers so that someone could reproduce the model if they needed to. If you need an open source solution, we recommend MOBIUS
INCA is usually free for academic users. If you have a commercial application or are a consultant, please contact Water Resource Associates
Please contact us. We will probably need to ask you a few questions, check with the researcher who designed the model, and then hopefully be able to get back to you with a solution.
Right now, we are not set up for training or consulting services. If you need these services, we suggest contacting Water Resource Associates
Compared to other water quality models, yes, INCA is easy to use. Many people have learned how to use the nitrogen version of the model in a few days. Because other versions have more complex chemistry, it can take longer to learn how to use them effectively.